Obtain all available information related to a given IP address or domain name
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HotWhois is a handy application that will let you get information about any IP address or a domain name over Internet. With this simple program you can get detailed information like: the lowest, highest and average response from the server, the domain registrant, etc.
In order to use this program, you need to enter an IP address or a domain, and press the start button. After that, the program will make a ping, search the IP address and whois information, and the results will be displayed within a few seconds. Ping results like name, response times, and version of the remote server will be displayed only if they could be determined.
The second section will show the results of the whois query, for example: physical address, organization name, country, telephone numbers, etc.
The third section will display the results of the whois query for a given hostname, for example: who's the registrant, the administrative and technical contact, etc.
Besides, the program interface supports the following languages: Catalan, Dutch, Italian, English, French, German, Polish and Spanish. And, if you desire, there are nine skins that can be easily applied.
Finally, on this new version (3.0), the IP address range map has been updated. And problems with whois queries for .com .net domains has been solved. In addition, the program works more stable under Windows Vista, and many other improvements have been applied.

Daniel Mantilla
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  • Easy-to-use tabbed interface
  • Know ping results, IP address and domain info at the same time
  • There are 8 languages available and 10 different skins for the interface


  • A blank page is displayed when there is not information
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